Super Q Golden Bihon (Cornstarch Sticks)

This is a cornstarch-based noodle that has fine strands, natural yellow colour (from cornstarch), and rectangular, hard and compact shape.  The compactness of our bihon allows for considerable yield.

The cooked product is soft, smooth, and bouncy while retaining its distinct bites.  It is easy to cook that even a neophyte should have no problem cooking a delicious food for all to enjoy!

Our bihon is made through the proprietary process that we developed, minimizing unwanted foreign matters due to human intervention and sun drying.  The production in a controlled environment has allowed us to bring our products to a higher standard of quality unsurpassed by our competitors, thus, our bihon is the benchmark by which other bihon are compared to.

Super Q Golden Bihon is our premium brand that is sold locally and internationally.  We accept private label packing with certain quantity of orders.  We also cater to the budget conscious consumers in the Visayas and Mindanao regions through our secondary brand called Golden Q Bihon.

(Left to right) 227 g, 1 kg, ½ kg
Weight Product Barcode Unit / Sack
12 kg (in sack)    
12 kg (paper-wrapped)    
1 kg 4806011812030 15
½ kg 4806011812047 30
227 g  or 8 oz 4806011812054 60
Weight Product Barcode Unit / Box Box Barcode Box Size*
500 g 4806011812047 30 14806011812044 203 x 460 x 711
454 g 4806011812061 30 14806011812068 203 x 460 x 699
227 g 4806011812078 60 14806011812051 203 x 460 x 699

*Box Size: width (mm) x length (mm) x height (mm)