About Us

Ngosiok Marketing traces its humble beginnings to the early 20th century when the father of Lucio Ngosiok opened the business of making Chinese noodles in the coastal town of Fujian, China.  Unfortunately, he did not live long enough to pass on the business to the next generation as the orphaned children were aged five and three.

With the desire to continue his father’s business, Lucio Ngosiok (known to his friends and peers only as Ngo Siok and the founder of the present enterprise) learned the rudiments of noodle making to start this business in Cebu City, Philippines, during World War II in 1943.  With a pair of hands and simple implements, he produced noodles from rice to cater to a few but growing market.  This heralded the start of the noodle industry in Cebu.

The lingering menace of war forced the business to move from place to place.  For a short time, the business was established in Bato, Leyte.  After the war, the patriarch re-established the business in Cebu.

With the passing of the patriarch in 1973, two descendants of Ngo Siok assumed the management of the business.  Their able leadership has steered the business to its present innovativeness and stature.

In mid-1970’s, Ngosiok Marketing was established to represent four affiliated companies producing different types of noodles.  Two companies are producing the wheat-based Chinese noodles under the brand names First Choice and Long Life.  Two other separate facilities manufacture the cornstarch-based noodles under the brand names Eagle VSP and Super Q.